The Cyprus Network offers a sophisticated way of delivering targeted audience to advertisers. Our 2200 Portals receive today more than 700.000 unique visitors per month and enjoy a steady and continuous increase in traffic. We are projecting to reach 25.000.000 (Twenty Five Millions) annual visitors.

We place advertising Banners and Logos on market-specific Portals within the Cyprus Network that are a hundred percent related to each industry or service. If you request that your Banner or Logo being placed on an unrelated website it is at our discretion not to accept such an offer. This is to guarantee that our users always receive the information they have requested as a result of their specific search. Price List

First year introductory prices:

  Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
Section 1      
Section 2    
Section 3      
Section 4
Monthly Price (€)* 70 45 35 20


Minimum duration 12 months.
Prices are subject to VAT. Packages

Package 1

This is the package for the leading companies in Cyprus who are seeking the highest exposure possible. Package 1 gives a Banner advertisement (Section 1) in all pages of the portal, "Featured Section" upper line (Section 2) logo in the Homepage and a Logo in each Town Page (Section 4) that the company maintains offices.

Package 2

This is the most popular Package again available to the leading companies within a specific industry. The company receives a "Featured Section" lower line (Section 2) Logo placement and a Logo in each Town Page (Section 4) that the company maintains offices.

Package 3

This package is similar to Package 2, with the only difference that the Logo of the company appears lower in the Homepage, in Section 3 instead of Section 2.

Package 4

This is a low cost solution for smaller companies. The Logo of the company appears in the Town Page (Section 4). Advertising Sections

Section 1

Section 1 is dedicated to the Banners that appear on the right hand site the portal. The banners have a much greater exposure than the Logos due to their size and appearance. Banners are displayed in random order in all pages of the portal.

Section 2

Section 2 is the upper advertising section of the Homepage in each portal. The company's Logo appears in the "Featured Section" box and enjoys a very large exposure with a steady position within the box.

Section 3

Section 3 appears bellow Section 2. The Logos receive again a high exposure due to their placement in the Homepage of each business portal along with the other leading companies of the industry. The logos are randomly placed.

Section 4

Section 4 (Town Section) is mainly for the district and category separation of companies. People would usually visit the Town Section to find businesses near their own location. The logos are randomly placed.